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Heart Reach Carmel was established in 2010 by Pierre Twer and Friends and is an extension of Heart Reach Michiana which was founded by Dr. Walt Halloran and friends in 2004.  Heart Reach was established to keep monies raised locally to stay locally and impact the community "close to home

The fundraising efforts for Heart Reach Carmel will be generated through various Family oriented outdoor activities. Fundraising included sponsorship of the Boston marathon and the Race for the Heart Family Run/Walk Series.. 

Save the Date:  November 22, 8:45 - The First Annual Race for the Heart:  Carmel Turkey Trot 3.33 mile run/walk in downtown Carmel at the Palladium.

The Mission of Heart Reach Carmel is to serve the central Indiana community, particularly those affected by heart disease, through education, financial support and direct assistance.

Financial Support is given to programs in the Central Indiana area that address heart disease prevention, stroke awareness, smoking cessation and healthy lifestyles.

Direct assistance includes supporting local schools, churches and community organizations by purchasing and placing automated external defibrillators (AEDs) at their facilites free of charge and training their staffs on their successful usage.

Heart Reach Carmel has placed over 220 AED's in the Central Indiana area.  Heart Reach directlty placed 10 AED's in Central Indiana including:  Carmel Dads Club, Carmel United Soccer Club, Rushville Elementary School, Northview Church Cross Country Ministries, Guerin High school, and the Center Grove Athletic Department.  We have also worked with Lori Anderson from Carmel, Indiana whose passion and efforts for addressing Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness has facilitated the placement of 122 AED's in the Carmel area including units placed in every Carmel police car, Carmel Clay School Officer vehicles and the Carmel Streets Department offices.  We are also had a role in assisting Troy Pflugner with Cardiac Sciences Corporation in the placement of 89 AED units at all Hamilton County Government, Health, Juvenile Correction offices and in each of the 65 Sheriff vehincles in Hamilton County.  


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